The Colours Of Flowers

Many Brides will know what colour scheme they want as soon as they start planning the big day, but if you don't it can be a very daunting decision to make. Flowers come in an infinite range of colours and these colours can represent different meanings. These meanings are steeped in tradition and their origins go back to biblical times or earlier in some instances. As an example, red roses signify passion and deep love while yellow roses today mean joy and gladness, at one time they meant diminishing love or infidelity. The following meaning of flower colours is generally accepted now and might help you decided on a colour scheme:

Love, Respect, Passion, Courage

Perfect happiness, Gentility, Grace, Please believe, Thankfulness, Confidence, Admiration


Friendship, Joy, Happiness, Zeal, Jealousy, Try to Care

Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Heavenly, Silence

Peach or Coral
Enthusiasm, Desire, Sweetness, Modesty, Joy

Faithfulness, Passion, Hope