Wedding Gallery


Church pewsMr and Mrs BeasleyMr and Mrs CondonLaura and SimonChurchPurple PedWhite PedYellow PedPew end - white rose with gold ribbonPew end - red gerberasPew end - mixed gerberasPew end - cream rose Cake - pink gerberasCake - gerberas and rosesButtonhole - winterButtonhole - whie roseButtonhole - red roseButtonhole - lilacButtonhole - gerberaCentre piece - callas shortcake - red gerberaCake - yellowcenter piece - fishbowl callasWedding party - black and whitePed - whitePed - yellowTop table - goddess and callaTop table - orchidTop Table - Red and WhiteTop table - yellowCake - white rosesWhite and goldwhite and gold 2Tall TableRed Roses BouquetBlue Hydrangea BouquetLong Calla BouquetRed Gerbera BouquetMauve BouquetPink Calla BouquetCream Roses and Hypericum BouquetCalla bouquetShower BouquetWinter bouquetPinkBlack Calla - BridesmaidBlack and White bouquetBlack and White - BridesmaidPink and White - BridesmaidBlue and YellowWhite Calla - BridesmaidBlue and White ButtonholeCalla ButtonholeConfetti